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Click here for realtime online stock ticker quotes Realtime Stockdata Clik here to find realtime online stock quotes, you have to know the symbol name of the company your are looking for. You can just fill in the symbol name and we will present you the trade figures for today like lasttrade, time, change, opening price, day range, trade volume and a detailed graphical stock chart.  
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Click here to search and lookup in the symbol database Symbol search database We have more then 7000 stock symbols and company names in our database. Just type the name of the company or a keyword. You can click on the hyperlinks in the list to get all realtime text and graphical data . Nice tool for all people that don't know about the symbol names of companies.  
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Graphical charts of the most important indices Important Indices Last two weeks charts of some important market indicators like Dow Jones, Nasdaq, AEX Amsterdam, Standard and Poor, DAX Xetra Frankfurt, FTSE London, FCHI CAC Paris, Nikkei Osaka, Hang Seng Hong Kong.  
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World Trading Stock watch streaming quotes on this stockmonitor Live stock watch Online stock data monitor with up and down indicators, refreshes in realtime, information at your fingertips from 30 important symbols and indices. The stock monitor data is refreshed every 20 seconds.  
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