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World Trading Live Stock Monitor, Intel, Dell, Wal Mart, Google, Indices, Indicators in real time, Shell, BP, Chevron
World Trading Stock Monitor, for Cisco, HP, ININ, AEX, DAX, FTSE
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Live stock monitor symbols
^AEX: Amsterdam Exchange (index)Origin: The Netherlands   AMZN: IncorporatedOrigin: United states   IBM: Int.Business MachinesOrigin: United states
^DJI: Down Jones (index)Origin: United states   BA: Boeing CompanyOrigin: United states   ING: ING BankOrigin: The Netherlands
^FCHI: CAC 20 paris (index)Origin: France   BP: British PetroleumOrigin: United Kingdom   ININ: Interactive IntelligenceOrigin: United states
^FTSE: FTSE 100 London (index)Origin: United states   CSCO: Cisco IncorporatedOrigin: United states   INTC: Intel CorporationOrigin: United states
^GDAXI: DAX XETRA Frankfurt (index)Origin: Germany   CVX: Chevron CorporationOrigin: United states   MSFT: Microsoft CorporationOrigin: United states
^GSPC: GSPC S&P 500 (index)Origin: United states   DAI: Daimler AG (Mercedes Benz)Origin: Germany   PHG: Philips ElectronicsOrigin: The Netherlands
^HSI: Hang seng Hong Kong (index)Origin: Hong Kong   DELL: Dell IncorporatedOrigin: United states   RDS-B: Royal Dutch ShellOrigin: The Netherlands
^IXCO: NASDAQ Computer (index)Origin: United states   GE: General Electric CompanyOrigin: United states   TM: Toyota MotorsOrigin: Japan
^N225: Nikkei 225 Osaka (index)Origin: Japan   GOOG: Google IncorporatedOrigin: United states   WMT: Wal Mart StoresOrigin: United states
^SMSI: IGBM General Madrid (index)Origin: Spain   HPQ: Hewlett Packard CompanyOrigin: United states   XOM: Exxon Mobil CorporationOrigin: United states
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